Reverse Tolling

SLIM uit de spits is a project aimed at reducing traffic during rush hours, executed by ARS TT&T. For the duration of the project, which was carried out in 2013-2014, 20.000 participants were challenged to avoid driving their car during peak hours. Drivers succeeded at avoiding rush hour by driving at different times, taking the bicycle or making use of public transport. For each rush hour avoided, participants were rewarded points, which served as currency in an online shop that offered a wide variety of products. 


The approach was effective: the potential reward, supplemented by extra travel information and subsequent challenges, led to a weekly decrease of 35.000 rush hour drives. Research has also shown that participants not only appreciate the reward system; avoiding rush hour also lessens their stress and provides them with more free time. This in turn has led to 85% of all participants continuing their new travel behavior after the conclusion of the project. 


SLIM app

To support participants, ARS T&TT developed the innovative ‘SLIM app’, which allowed users to register their driving behavior and to earn extra points by fulfilling bonus challenges. The bonus challenges consisted of certain routes having to be traveled by participants at a set time outside of peak hours. On average, 14.000 rides a week were registered through the SLIM app by 7.500 participants. 
SLIM App 2014



SLIM uit de spits has proven itself to be an effective method of diminishing traffic congestion during peak hours and increasing traffic flow and safety. Moreover, the accessibility of the urban areas involved is greatly improved and environmental damage decreased. 
On June 25th 2015, minister Schultz van Haegen awarded SLIM uit de spits the third price at the “Beter Benutten” ceremony. 
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