Fixed average speed control



Authorities consider section control to be a very useful tool for controlling the speed of traffic on roads and for penalising offenders. ARS T&TT was commissioned by the Dutch government to create, install and manage several section control systems. These certified systems meet the high standards required by the authorities.

Fixed average speed control 

Speeding drivers disturb the traffic flow and may cause dangerous situations and accidents. Speed enforcement is crucial for improving traffic conditions on main roads. Research shows that the section control system is very effective in reducing speeding and enhancing road safety without having a negative impact on traffic flow. This type of control system calculates the speed of a vehicle on a certain section of the highway network and determines whether the vehicle is exceeding the maximum speed limit allowed by law.

A reliable smart system

ARS T&TT has developed several speed enforcement section control systems which are fully certified and comply with the high standards expected by the judicial authorities. We are also very experienced in the implementation and management of this enforcement tool. The section control system records the passage of vehicles at two specific spots, using virtual vehicle features. It then determines the speed of the vehicle based on the distance between the two spots and the time taken to cover that distance. The calculated speed is compared to the legal speed limit, and if the speed limit has been exceeded, the system registers the calculated speed, the moment at which the violation takes place, and the two images of the vehicle at the passing spots. This information is then transmitted to the processing agent.  
The system operator installs and operates the system through a graphical user interface. The speed enforcement section control system also offers the possibility of connecting to the matrix signalization boards above the roads to enable dynamic speed enforcement.

An accuracy of 99.99%

Since 2003, ARS T&TT has developed, improved and maintained various types of Enforcement solutions and specializes in Average speed and red light enforcement, Environmental zone control and Road pricing solutions. A distinctive feature of the ARS T&TT Enforcement controls is their high accuracy, with 99.9% correctly detected vehicles.
It is of utmost importance to be able to trust in a properly functioning enforcement system. A system that cannot deliver a high level of accuracy prompts doubt about the accuracy of the enforcement. This might lead to a large group of drivers appealing in court, resulting in expensive litigation for the administrator, whether justified or not.

Proven value

The speed enforcement solution developed by ARS T&TT has proven its worth in several projects.
Effectively reduces traffic speed on entire road sections.
Decreases the incidence of offences typically from 20% to 1%.
Decreases congestion by improving traffic flow.
Improves safety (fewer accidents).
Distinctive high precision with > 99.99% accuracy.
Fully automated system.
Certified average speed measurement.
Classifies vehicle categories (passenger cars, trucks, trailers).
Self-triggering – no inductive loops needed.
Invisible infrared illumination allows 24/7 operation.
Dynamic speed enforcement possible with certified interfacing to VMS speed signs.