Environmental zone


Fine particulates and other pollutants severely foul the air in urban areas. Traffic is one of the main villains in this, which is why more municipalities are introducing low emission zones; areas where polluting vehicles are not allowed. Speed limits on highways are also being lowered in order to reduce emissions.

A reliable smart system

ARS T&TT has developed several Environmental zone control systems that are fully certified and comply with the high standards required by the judicial authorities. We are also very experienced in the implementation and management of this Enforcement tool. ARS T&TT offers its solution in the form of smart camera systems. Our sensors enable automated enforcement in low emission zones and fixed average speed control (section control).
The automatic vehicle recognition enabled by the electronic eyes allows authorities to see immediately whether only ‘clean’ vehicles are entering a zone. Detected cars or trucks will be identified by their number plates. Vehicles can be classified in advance according to the authority’s needs. Possible features include type of vehicle, type of engine (EuroClass), type of fuel or date of vehicle registration. The ARS T&TT smart camera system has an accuracy of 99.99% and is able to automatically generate a certified violation report for the authorities, including images for additional evidence. 

Multipurpose equipment

Our services are flexible. Depending on requirements, cameras can be installed on existing poles, independent pylons or on gantries above the road. The equipment is multipurpose and can also be used to monitor and measure traffic flow in order to collect useful data to inform developments in mobility policy. 


More cost effective

ARS T&TT provides an operating system that is considerably more cost effective than a bollard system. In addition to the relative low cost of constructing and maintaining your systems, our maintenance concepts offer the following features:
Preventing abuse of bus traps.
Monitoring environmental zones.
Better traffic circulation due to the absence of physical barriers.
Emergency services have access at all times.
Automated enforcement and fining.
Cleaner streets.
Device back-office and training enforcement staff.
Hosting / UMTS and enforcement.
Machine insurance.

Proven value

The ARS T&TT solution for Environmental zones has proven its worth in several projects.

Environmental zones

Many times cheaper than physical bollard barriers.
No risk of vehicles damaging barriers.
Technology based on identifying and classifying vehicles.
Distinctive high precision with > 99.99% accuracy.
Fully automated system.
Use of multipurpose equipment.
Prevents abuse of bus traps.
Better traffic circulation due to the absence of physical barriers.
Emergency services have access at all times. 
Automated enforcement and fining.
Cleaner streets.