Smart Parking

Our vision

ARS T&TT is a strong supplier of innovative parking solutions for both off-street and on-street parking, as well as best-of-breed solutions for cities, municipalities and commercial companies that own their own parking premises.

We combine our solid traffic engineering expertise with our latest knowledge of software and hardware to provide solutions ranging from full on-street managed service offerings, including enforcement services, permit services and parking machine operation and maintenance services, to dynamic guided parking and integrated navigation and parking applications for off-street parking solutions.



SOSPES Enforcement

SOSPES Enforcement is our back-office enforcement system that supports digital on-street parking enforcement. It supports the processing of digital ANPR scans of parked vehicles and verifies on both fiscal and illegal parking violations. The system interfaces with digital parking registers and submits parking penalty charge notes and illegal parking violations to the appropriate authorities. The system supports the processing of images in the back office (Image Review) and facilitates a reduction of costs and an increase of output (control rate and payment rate).


• The quality of life in cities increases. The payment rate increases, illegal parking reduces drastically and the abuse of special parking places (e.g. disabled parking) is discouraged. 
• The municipality can check more thoroughly with less effort. One scan car checks 1100-1500 cars per hour compared to 80 cars by a traditional enforcement agent on foot.
• The system can be used for other checks easily, like stolen vehicles, environmental control and the correct payment of road tax. 


Current locations

• Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
• Groningen, the Netherlands
• Utrecht, the Netherlands 

SOSPES Permit is our digital parking solution for permits. It provides an advanced self-service portal for civilians to request, change and maintain digital parking permits. The system connects with governmental systems for validation of the right to a permit. SOSPES Permit also comes with an advanced visitor-app, allowing permit holders to quickly request visitor parking passes.


• The quality of service to civilians increases. An advanced E-portal allows civilians to request or modify their permit and verification of the permit request is fully automated. Permits are assigned in real-time on the spot. 
• Total costs of ownership for municipalities is drastically reduced. The automation of the permit assignment process and the automation of regular check on the permit permission rules saves the municipality a lot of verification work.
• The associated visitor-app allows civilians to request visitor parking passes and it allows group permits (e.g. company permits) to manage license plates that have access to the group permit. 


Current locations

• Amsterdam, the Netherlands 


SOSPES Dynamic Parking Guidance

SOSPES Dynamic Parking Guidance is our advanced off-street and on-street parking occupation management and guided parking solution. It monitors the occupation of parking places and provides tooling for guided traffic to available places which reduces search traffic and increases efficiency in the parking occupation. Amongst others, for one of Europe’s largest airports, the solution had reduced travel time between arrival at the parking occupation and arrival at the terminal to 7 minutes.


• High and efficient parking occupation 
• Effective routing and vehicles through parking premises
• Reduces search traffic 


Current locations

• Schiphol Airport P1 

Further enquiries

For direct support, please contact:

Rolf Appel - Director Smart Parking
+31 (0)70 360 8559