Smart Mobility

Our vision

Traffic on Dutch roads is increasing. As a response, the road capacity is increasing but traffic is growing faster and with that also the Co2 emissions. The Dutch government expects that travel time by car during peak traffic will further increase with about 50% over the coming years. ARS T&TT is committed to developing ways of reducing the overloading of the road network, whether it be continuous overloading due to the high use of the road network or temporary traffic flow problems caused by roadworks.

The incentive program, developed by ARS T&TT, in which motorists are tempted to travel outside the rush hours or to choose other means of transportation during peak traffic has proved itself and results in structural behavioral change. As a result, decreasing traffic intensity at certain places during certain times. The program can also be carried out in public transport, for example in the bus, train or tram, to reduce the number of commuters during rush hour. With the ARS T&TT incentive program several goals such as the reduction of Co2 emissions and optimal capacity utilization are reached and the commuter experiences a more comfortable and faster journey.

Besides the incentive program, ARS T&TT offers the Mixx Card through its subsidiary Mobility Mixx. This is a mobility card that offers a great variety of travel options such as public transport, rental cars, car sharing, taxis, public transport bicycles, parking in P+R areas and it serves as a fuel card. Employers that are looking to reduce their mobility costs through efficient processes and post-pay, and that want to offer their employees the freedom and flexibility to determine their means of transport by themselves, choose Mobility Mixx. With 18 years of success and experience Mobility Mixx knows better than anyone what mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is.



ARS T&TT incentive program

The ARS T&TT incentive program is a state-of-the-art system that supports all processes to reduce traffic intensity during a specific timeframe. The system is a reward program where a user-friendly app is used to determine so-called “Spitsmijdingen” (rush hour avoidances) and functionalities like a traffic alert, webshop and traffic forecast are available.


• Decreases congestion by improving traffic flow 
• Increases the accessibility of cities
• Decreases economic loss due to traffic jams 


Current locations

• Maaster in Rotterdam, the Netherlands 


Mobility Mixx

Mobility Mixx is a one stop shop aggregator platform for a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider. It supports and aggregates a multitude of travel options and services: from fuel services, to public transport ticketing, car sharing, bike sharing and taxis. The services can be used with an NFC based card and/or a smartphone app and websites.

Take a look at the website for more information.


• A great variety of transport options with only one card, such as train, tram, bus, metro, rental car, shared car, taxi, public transport bicycle, P+R area parking and it serves as a fuel card. 
• Employers receive one invoice for all travel costs and employees have the freedom and flexibility to determine their means of transport by themselves.
• Many sustainable travel options to choose from instead of the car. 



Further enquiries

For direct support, please contact:

Rutger van 't Ende - Manager Smart Mobility
+31 (0)70 360 8559