Our vision

In our increasingly populated world and increased transportation demand clear rules and agreements must be made to maximize transport infrastructure. To ensure the rules are followed there is a need for traffic enforcement systems. Our vision is to increase safety and utilization on the road by applying our state-of-the-art systems to the equation.

Currently we operate mainly in the Netherlands and India, but we are also growing in other European countries and beyond.

ARS T&TT is market leader for average speed systems in the Netherlands and has a strong focus on low emission zones, access control systems and other video based surveyance systems. Our systems supply our customers with outstanding solutions for managing their traffic challenges effectively.



Average Speed Enforcement

The main purpose of the average speed enforcement systems is traffic safety, reducing the environmental impact and a better traffic flow. The system characterizes itself as very accurate, reliable and is viewed as positive in the public opinion.


• Effectively reduces speed on entire road sections 
• Invisible infrared illumination allows 24/7 operation
• Decreases the incidence of offences considerably (from 20% to 1%) 


Current locations

• A2 Maastricht, the Netherlands 
• A10 inner ring in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
• A12 The Hague, the Netherlands
• A12 Utrecht, the Netherlands
•A20 Rotterdam, the Netherlands
• 10 systems on provincial roads in the Netherlands (operational in 2019)


Access control

With this system, cut-through traffic or other unwanted traffic is kept out of certain areas or from desired routes. The goal of this system is the reduction of traffic nuisance. This solution characterizes itself as very flexible and is customizable to different applications. The systems can be managed remotely and are easily applied to existing infrastructure.


• Better traffic circulation due to the absence of physical barriers 
• Emergency services always have access
• Automated enforcement and fining 


Current locations

• Maastricht, the Netherlands 
• Zutphen, the Netherlands
• Alkmaar, the Netherlands
• De Bilt, the Netherlands 


Environmental zone control

We tackle the reduction of pollution in cities with our systems for environmental zone control. A network of camera’s monitors the access to an area for old and/or polluting vehicles. These vehicles are classified based on their license plate and are automatically fined if they enter an environmental zone.


• Better traffic circulation due to the absence of physical barriers 
• Emergency services always have access
• Automated enforcement and fining 


Current locations

• The Hague, the Nehterlands (restriction for trucks) 
• Rotterdam, the Netherlands (restriction for trucks)
• Maasvlakte 2, the Netherlands (restriction for trucks) 


Weigh in Motion (WiM) system

WiM is a system that measures the axle load of passing vehicles to capture the traffic load and wear of the infrastructure (bridges and roads). With the information collected by our system, policy can be made and makes active enforcement of overloaded vehicles possible.


• Better traffic flow because trucks don’t need to be taken of the road during the measurement 
• Flexible setup
• Good back office 


VA Cams

VA Cams is an intelligent ANPR camera solution which is developed by ARS T&TT for traffic enforcement and monitoring purposes. This high-end configurable camera can be adapted to the unique requirements of every situation for an optimal cost-quality ratio. All hardware and software is embedded in the compact housing of this standalone solution.


• Ideal for locations with limited or zero fibre connectivity thanks to integrated 4G 
• A complete standalone solution which is easy to install
• On-board processing eliminating unnecessary data transfers 



Further enquiries

For direct support, please contact:

Ben van de Pavert - Manager Enforcement
+31 (0)70 360 8559