Interview with Mozhdeh

The field of ITS is vibrant and dynamic"
Mozhdeh Gholibeigi


"A university colleague, who was part of my PhD research group at the TU Twente, introduced me to ARS T&TT. Towards the end of my PhD I started looking for a job in the field of ITS that required creativity and technical skills. The field of ITS is vibrant, diverse and dynamic and I had already been involved in relevant research during my studies. Hence the decision to apply for a position at ARS T&TT."

Data analytics and predictive models for ITS

"My main project at the moment is the Traffic Data Warehouse Cockpit (TDWC), which is a visual analytics framework that provides an overview of traffic conditions via interactive functionalities supported by processing large amounts of spatio-temporal data. It is an end-to-end system which can be adjusted and extended according to our clients’ requirements. Besides statistical data visualization, it also provides comprehensive data analysis and predictive models. I’ve been working on this project for almost a year now and I am pleased to say that it’s been a smooth transition from the university since it nicely fits my background."

Brainstorm on new ideas

"I think a friendly working environment is incredibly important and I’m happy to have found such an open atmosphere at ARS T&TT. You’re given the freedom to express ideas, for example in my weekly meetings with our CEO we discuss and brainstorm on new ideas. Considering his vast experience in the field these meetings are useful for the progress of our projects as well as my own development."