ARS T&TT presents unique Superroute app at SAIL 2015



ARS T&TT is a specialist in the field of technology and mobility. During SAIL 2015, ARS T&TT supplied, among others, systems for navigation, routing and big data services for travel information and travel times. Also, ARS T&TT provided project management, operational traffic management and marketing and communication. Moreover, the company is responsible for the unique Superroute app.


The Superroute app - go to a parking space without obstacles

During SAIL 2015, up to 2 million people visited Amsterdam. During the biggest free event of Europe, travelling by car is strongly discouraged. Nevertheless, many people will travel to SAIL by car. During previous editions of the event this led to disturbances to visitors and inhabitants, in the form of traffic disruption and illegal parking. The Superroute app, developed by ARS T&TT, makes sure that the outward journey, parking and the return trip run smoothly. What makes the application unique is the fact that Superroute navigates users with the same final destination in different ways around road closures and roadblocks. This benefits the entire traffic flow and prevents that everybody follows the same route. The Superroute App also gives substance to the parking policy in the Amsterdam area, in the sense that the app directs users to available Park and Ride (P+R) locations. Once arrived at the parking location, the app-user immediately recieves an advice to travel by public transport to the desired SAIL destination. The way back home will be taken care off in the same way.

The Superroute app counts over 23,000 users and is part of the biggest mobility project in the world, named ‘Amsterdam On the Road’. Specially for visitors of SAIL 2015 and inhabitants of the Amsterdam region, the app is provided with extra characteristics which can not be found in any other navigation system, like:

• Navigation around all SAIL roadblocks and traffic diversions towards an available parking space with connecting up to date public transport advice to all SAIL locations and vice versa;
• The Superroute app processes the availability of P+R parking locations and the traffic situation in real time. This ensures that during your trip you will be provided another route if necessary.

​Watch a video of the Superroute app during SAIL 2015 here


An important role for traffic management

ARS T&TT also develops applications for the cooperating traffic management in the Amsterdam area. This way the authorities are not only able to control the availability of parking locations, but also to control traffic diversions, roadblocks and so-called rule scenario’s in a dynamic way. This directly affects the routing of people who are on the road with the Superroute app at that particular time. Because of this, ARS T&TT is capable of applying major improvements to the way people travel to major events in urban areas. Because of the Superroute app, the situation where everybody is caught in a traffic jam on their way to the same parking location is history now.

ARS T&TT cooperates with all authorities involved in an entire ecosystem of partners. Through this cooperation, we enable a better use of the roadnetwork around Amsterdam, an improvement of road safety and an improved perception of visitors of events. The Superroute App is available for all Apple and Android phones. The accessibility services for SAIL 2015 have been established in close cooperation between authorities and market, who are united in the so-called Field Trial Amsterdam. More information can be found at www.sail.nl/bereikbaarheid, praktijkproefamsterdam.nl and www.amsterdamonderweg.nl.

You can also get in touch with:
• Ronald Haanstra. Projectmanager, haanstra@ars.nl, +31.6.53511111
• Menno Lijkendijk, Director Smart Mobility, lijkendijk@ars.nl, +31.6.20682039