Always on the move


ARS T&TT, intelligent transport system (ITS) consultancy, products, design, development, operation and financing. Effective and innovative, always on the move

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology has been providing traffic and transport technology solutions to businesses and government bodies since 1997. It is active in its home market of the Netherlands, but also internationally. The intelligent transport system market is always on the move, in every sense of the word. A dynamic market like this demands a specialised partner, able to cost-effectively integrate state-of-the-art, client-specific technology with existing systems, but also able to develop new hi-tech concepts.

ARS T&TT is an end-to-end provider from consultancy, design, development and operation to project finance, if required. ARS T&TT has a 200-strong international team of specialists covering all required disciplines, from traffic engineers to mechanical engineers and from project managers to software architects.

For instance, ARS T&TT provides an integrated solution for traffic monitoring and data warehousing, which is used by the Dutch National Data Warehouse for Traffic Information (NDW). This system monitors and estimates traffic intensity, speed and journey times in real time along thousands of kilometres of the key road infrastructure in the Netherlands. It is the ideal cost-effective solution for traffic management by government bodies and road maintenance authorities wishing to provide road users with reliable traffic information.

ARS T&TT’s solutions can be developed and operated by ARS T&TT as a traditional assignment, but also in a public-private partnership, or under the technical, organisational and financial responsibility of ARS T&TT.

ARS T&TT’s key areas of specialisation include:

•        Strategic, tactical and operational consultancy on ITS issues

•        Optimisation of existing traffic information and traffic management centres
•        Dynamic travel information for road traffic and public transport
•        Dynamic guidance systems for bus stations and car parks
•        Speed limit enforcement (average speed and single point systems)
•        Access control systems and enforcement<
•        Automatic enforcement of restricted environmental zones for non-compliant traffic
•        Traffic planning systems
•        Road pricing and toll systems
•        Fleet management
•        24/7 international monitoring and operation of ITS systems