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ARS T&TT successfully completes demand management project

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Demand management project SLIM uit de spits led to a weekly decrease of 35.000 rush hour drives.

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ARS T&TT presents unique Superroute app at SAIL 2015

Unique ARS T&TT Superroute app has over 26,000 users

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Simplifies special transport

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About ARS T&TT

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology has been providing traffic and transport technology solutions to businesses and government bodies since 1997. The company is active in its home market of the Netherlands, but also internationally. The intelligent transport system market is always on the move, in every sense of the word. A dynamic market like this demands a specialised partner, able to cost-effectively integrate state-of-the-art, client-specific technology with existing systems, but also able to develop new hi-tech concepts.

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Throughout 2017, ARS Traffic & Transport Technology has carried out a demand management project commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat and the Dutch province Noord-Brabant. During the so-called Spitsmijden A2 Nederweert-Eindhoven project, motorists that actively avoided the morning rush hour on the A2 highway were rewarded with loyalty points. Resulting in a total of 145,571 rush hour avoidances and...